Spirituality means sitting on the top of Everest and chanting the divine’s name in exchange for some fruits and money. This is the only definition which is known by most of today’s ‘lol’, ‘yolo’, ‘bff’ social media typists. It’s only those who are swimming in this world who know the true importance of spirituality. India is a country which is blessed to have so many knowledgeable saints and practitioners and yet, there is always a wry smile on the youth’s face when this is explained to them. I mean, all those guys were not fools to write some words of wisdom on a piece of paper and share it with the world.

                        If you read any newspaper nowadays, you’ll only see articles and news about a young man/woman jumping from the top of a tower due to scoring less grades in an exam, getting ditched in a relationship, the so called depression, earning less compared to your colleagues and many such reasons. They get influenced by biographies of top actors and celebrities, but fail to imbibe the real life knowledge. This isn’t good for the country right? I have asked many of my friends whether they follow any kind of a spiritual Guru or at least do some kind of meditation and the only answer I get is “Dude, I’m not into all of this!!“. Then, I discuss this with my parents and we all burst into laughter. My dear angels, the first thing we did when we developed from a cell is meditation. Yeah, that’s right, I ain’t bluffing!! We were in a meditative state in our mother’s womb. That’s the reason why children are so innocent and full of life. In India, elders touch the feet of newborn babies not because they pop out from a planet such as Krypton and possess powers like Superman, but, they are very close to the divine. As we grow up, that divinity vanishes due to our ageing and life issues. To tackle such issues, meditation comes into the picture. Another misconception that teenagers have is that spiritual people don’t have fun and are extremely boring. That’s the complete opposite of what is thought of. In fact, it is those boring people who make excellent and smart use of their life and enjoy it to the fullest.

                                       I see people doing nothing in life and waiting for some miracle to happen which really brings out the Hulk in me. Miracles do happen, but if you have the right source to believe in. Proof is what is needed by people to believe in something. So all of you tech savvy brilliant scientists, all the astronomical facts and  scientific & mathematical discoveries were way earlier predicted by our saints before all the renowned heroes. Depression is a word which I’m tired of hearing. You’ll are depressed and stressed when things don’t go your way because all you think is only about yourselves.  The one thing which should suffice all our basic needs but sadly has transformed us into savages is money. People have forgotten the importance of education and their sole purpose to is to earn cash. This is not wrong as wealth is required to fulfill our ambitions but thinking about it 24/7 leads to depression. You may dream of a BMW or a 4-5 BHK spacious apartment and eventually if you reach that destination, some new unwanted desire floats in the mind. As you grow, these desires kill all your hard work and the quest for more & more money increases the stress levels which in turn leads to depression. The best solution is to go out and listen to all the complicated problems of the crowd and by even offering a little bit of our help,  your ‘depression’ will run away. You go to gyms and consume protein rich stuff which is alright for the body’s workout and then you sleep at night which reduces your body pain and exertion. Ever wondered how tired your mind might be after so many years of your birth? Imagine your mind is doing dumbbells since 20-25 years and has worked out continuously without any break. You ought to give it a relief. Meditation is the only best way for a healthy, stress free workout for your brain.

                            During our childhood, we used to be most excited for the return gifts rather than wishing our friend a very happy birthday. Your body has been giving you so many gifts such as energy, digestion, breath, vision, intelligence and many other useful functions. Time to return that small gift to the body which may open a whole new dimension of living life!!


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