Death in the Neighbourhood

               “Hey Maa, I’m going for a short trek around the village farm and will be back in an hour and half” to which there was no reply since there were many guests at my house preparing for my birthday party to be celebrated that night. It was around 6 a.m, the bright orange sun was dazzling and some stars were hiding behind it.

Why today’s youth needs spirituality?

                              Spirituality means sitting on the top of Everest and chanting the divine’s name in exchange for some fruits and money. This is the only definition which is known by most of today’s ‘lol’, ‘yolo’, ‘bff’ social media typists. It’s only those who are swimming in this world who know the true importance of spirituality. India

My Journey – en route to the present

                                                 7th November 1996 it was, when my parents held me in their hands. To everybody’s amusement, it seemed like an alien had popped out of a human woman’s womb. They said that the child had congenital finger and toe deformities. With just 7 fingers and 6 toes,