Death in the Neighbourhood

               “Hey Maa, I’m going for a short trek around the village farm and will be back in an hour and half” to which there was no reply since there were many guests at my house preparing for my birthday party to be celebrated that night. It was around 6 a.m, the bright orange sun was dazzling and some stars were hiding behind it. The grass fields were full of dew waiting to trickle down the water droplets as soon as my feet would touch the ground. I began my short trek glaring at the exemplary creation that nature had produced. Murmuring the famous ” Yesterday” by the Beatles, I was swaying along the farms right and left, looking for some or the other unseen beauty of the scenery. The happiness was also a result because I had secured a third spot in the science quiz at college. Interestingly, I also laughed at the fact that my friend who won the 2nd prize was beaten the hell out of his parents for not finishing the track line first. Whereas, here my parents were acting like I had discovered India in the form of  Vasco Da Gama even though he was never the one to do so. Such is the wonderful moral of existence and also a fault of humanity, we don’t celebrate the average! Without any adieu, let’s proceed further.

                A huge crowd had gathered around Mr. Zurai’s house. Now what to tell of Mr. Zurai, in short, Zuroo! An income tax officer by profession, a shrewd man by nature and a miser in his deeds! Some even say that he had consumed a lot of illegal money and constructed that huge villa of his. His wife was also the same, a mirror image of his. The village ladies used to have a gathering once a month and all Mrs. Zurai had to talk about is money, jewellery and property. No complaints that the couple were always side listed amongst all the villagers. As soon as I reached their house, my eyes gazed at a sea of  white men and women. Got to know that during midnight, Zuroo suffered from a cardiac arrest and experienced his last breath. I was utterly shocked at that moment, how could such a happy and wealthy person die at 47 having all the best things in the world? Frankly, I was quite disheartened at the sight of his wife crying and all his relatives sobbing in silence. Forgetting all his sins and corrupt work, I questioned the sky “Why did you do this? He was such a capable guy”. This horrific incident struck my mind hugely and I sat there for some 20-30 minutes.

              My parents always said that don’t run and participate in illegal and wrong activities just for the sake of securing hard cash in a fast manner. But death shouldn’t be the punishment for any human’s wrongdoings right? I heard some of the villagers whispering something, hence I walked a little further to hear what they had to say. To my surprise, Zuroo was again involved in some black money game and this time, the cops had visited and warned him 2 days back. Due to the pressure of the cops building upon his mind and the hunger for more and more of glamorous money, maybe, his heart got angry. I really don’t get it when a person falls into a dark pit, instead of climbing up, that dark hole pulls the person way deeper. Instead of the blame game, it depends upon the sole individual to rise up out of darkness. Saddened by this news, I rushed home to tell my parents.

          Seems like the birthday party was in full flow. Mom-Dad and relatives were smiling and their eyes were full of pride. As I entered my house, I saw a photo frame in front of the dining table. There were flowers around the frame and the room had a beautiful fragrance due to the sandalwood incense sticks. Everything was perfect and only one thing looked odd. That picture of mine in the frame! Seems like before my 16th birthday celebration, my third stage had conquered my body sooner than I had thought. I was numb. To my surprise, my dear ones were all happily smiling and had glittery eyes. They were discussing all the things that I had achieved, the drawing competitions, dance classes, photography skills and my latest, the science quiz which I hadn’t won! Death is inevitable. 2 scenarios in one day. One, where a man who had opened his eyes wide open to glance at things beyond his sight and another, where a boy had just begun to bloom out of innocence. How strange that whatever you achieve in life, good or bad, via some shortcut way or some strenous hardships, ultimately, our body is someday going to perish and disintegrate. What’s the moral of this story, you better know this!

– Pralhad

Why today’s youth needs spirituality?

                              Spirituality means sitting on the top of Everest and chanting the divine’s name in exchange for some fruits and money. This is the only definition which is known by most of today’s ‘lol’, ‘yolo’, ‘bff’ social media typists. It’s only those who are swimming in this world who know the true importance of spirituality. India is a country which is blessed to have so many knowledgeable saints and practitioners and yet, there is always a wry smile on the youth’s face when this is explained to them. I mean, all those guys were not fools to write some words of wisdom on a piece of paper and share it with the world.

                        If you read any newspaper nowadays, you’ll only see articles and news about a young man/woman jumping from the top of a tower due to scoring less grades in an exam, getting ditched in a relationship, the so called depression, earning less compared to your colleagues and many such reasons. They get influenced by biographies of top actors and celebrities, but fail to imbibe the real life knowledge. This isn’t good for the country right? I have asked many of my friends whether they follow any kind of a spiritual Guru or at least do some kind of meditation and the only answer I get is “Dude, I’m not into all of this!!“. Then, I discuss this with my parents and we all burst into laughter. My dear angels, the first thing we did when we developed from a cell is meditation. Yeah, that’s right, I ain’t bluffing!! We were in a meditative state in our mother’s womb. That’s the reason why children are so innocent and full of life. In India, elders touch the feet of newborn babies not because they pop out from a planet such as Krypton and possess powers like Superman, but, they are very close to the divine. As we grow up, that divinity vanishes due to our ageing and life issues. To tackle such issues, meditation comes into the picture. Another misconception that teenagers have is that spiritual people don’t have fun and are extremely boring. That’s the complete opposite of what is thought of. In fact, it is those boring people who make excellent and smart use of their life and enjoy it to the fullest.

                                       I see people doing nothing in life and waiting for some miracle to happen which really brings out the Hulk in me. Miracles do happen, but if you have the right source to believe in. Proof is what is needed by people to believe in something. So all of you tech savvy brilliant scientists, all the astronomical facts and  scientific & mathematical discoveries were way earlier predicted by our saints before all the renowned heroes. Depression is a word which I’m tired of hearing. You’ll are depressed and stressed when things don’t go your way because all you think is only about yourselves.  The one thing which should suffice all our basic needs but sadly has transformed us into savages is money. People have forgotten the importance of education and their sole purpose to is to earn cash. This is not wrong as wealth is required to fulfill our ambitions but thinking about it 24/7 leads to depression. You may dream of a BMW or a 4-5 BHK spacious apartment and eventually if you reach that destination, some new unwanted desire floats in the mind. As you grow, these desires kill all your hard work and the quest for more & more money increases the stress levels which in turn leads to depression. The best solution is to go out and listen to all the complicated problems of the crowd and by even offering a little bit of our help,  your ‘depression’ will run away. You go to gyms and consume protein rich stuff which is alright for the body’s workout and then you sleep at night which reduces your body pain and exertion. Ever wondered how tired your mind might be after so many years of your birth? Imagine your mind is doing dumbbells since 20-25 years and has worked out continuously without any break. You ought to give it a relief. Meditation is the only best way for a healthy, stress free workout for your brain.

                            During our childhood, we used to be most excited for the return gifts rather than wishing our friend a very happy birthday. Your body has been giving you so many gifts such as energy, digestion, breath, vision, intelligence and many other useful functions. Time to return that small gift to the body which may open a whole new dimension of living life!!

The Indian Engineering System – A highway to illiteracy

                             Surprised by the title, right? Don’t be. It’s true for me and probably others as well. Still  6-7 months to go and I’ll get that prestigious, honorary piece of paper that’ll say the words ‘Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication‘ which will make my parents and the ‘society‘ proud. But, will I be proud of my degree? Hell, no!! Forget the future, even now I am ashamed to declare that I am pursuing engineering as a career. Through this blog, I shall not be a complaint box but suggest some ideas and ways to improve our curriculum.

                          After being on a high note in the SSC and HSC years, we often dream of becoming an engineering graduate and starting a company or getting jobs in a multinational company. But sadly, all those dreams are crushed in the first year itself. I will talk in terms of Mumbai University as I assume the rest of the universities also follow the same trend. In the first year, we have subjects such as Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry which is of no use whatsoever for a student outside of that domain. Instead, why not include real industry programming languages and techniques from the freshman year itself which can develop smoothly till the final year. Let me give you my example. I am interested in Audio Signal Processing and am a part of various international audio processing communities on the social media. When I hear the level of projects that my counterpart students are doing, I am astonished. The interested students in the Digital Signal Processing domain work on the Python software from the first year itself. Now, Python programming language has given birth to many websites such as YouTube, Reddit, Instagram and many more. Essentially, Python is vastly used for research and development purposes. Since our syllabus doesn’t include Python and many other important programming languages, I and also many others have to learn those via other mediums. Imagine if the first year students get to learn the basics of such valuable languages if and only if they are interested and then, they implement it in their final year projects and create something new rather than copying old projects and  circuits from a website, how incredible would it be!! Also, the way our subjects are designed is just pure garbage. For example, the subject Wave Theory and Propagation was introduced in the 4th semester which was really fun and interesting. Instead of continuing that subject in the next semester, ‘they‘ directly dissolved that domain and introduced Microwave and Radar Engineering subject in the 7th semester. See the progression. No doubt the interest in that particular area gradually fades away.

                                 I understand that India has much more IT companies who are willing to accept freshers rather than core companies who want a fresher with 10 years of experience. So, there are either 3 options: take up that IT job, pursue your post graduation or else, startup!! The students who are hired by those companies are given vigorous training for a period of about 4-5 months. The truth is that the knowledge gained during those training days is much better than the 4 years. Why not include such subjects from the initial years itself so that a raw student can be confident enough to crack an interview and get placed in a better company!! I come from a college where attempts are truly made for such purposes and I salute my college. But if the university itself takes such significant steps, it would be much beneficial.

                                   We learn subjects A, B, C, D and E in one single day and study those subjects 2-3 days before final semesters. Ironically, we have just 2 hours of practicals for one subject in a week. Really!! Disgusting right? My suggestion is that we should have just 1 subject in a day. That one day should include both the theoretical as well as practical knowledge. By doing so, we can gain much more understanding from that particular subject and relate much more with real life applications. Also, I believe that exams should be a mandatory part of one’s life. But, what’s the point if we are judged by just one long exam at the end of semesters. Instead, the credits must be added from day one till the very last day. I mean c’mon, anyone can score a high grade by studying from question sets and blueprints!! Sadly, the knowledge of that subject vanishes immediately after one semester.

                                                Recently, AICTE announced that engineering students will have to study the Indian constitution and culture in their first year as it would provide a holistic environment. ( Bullshit! I myself come from a spiritual background and if any student needs any cultural education , it can be gained via other sources rather than engineering. I would suggest these people to improve the quality of technical education first and then dream of producing those highly cultured but less technical idiots!!

A highly educated mind gave an idea that in the final year, instead of theoretical subjects, students should do internships and work on their projects for a much practical exposure. Watch the video: 


This idea was given in the year 2007. And where are we in 2017, still stuck in the same traffic!! What to do now, India listens to its politicians more than its scientists!!

                               You all must be thinking that who am I to give suggestions but somebody must take some steps for the development of our education. It’s only WE who can bring about a change in this false education system and no one else. Yes, I have enjoyed the 4 years with friends, the late night assignment completion, the viva days etc. To be honest, I don’t feel qualified enough to be an ENGINEER!!

Do share your comments and ideas and please, share this topic. Even if you don’t agree with me, share your thoughts as disagreements also help to build a nation.



My Journey – en route to the present


                               7th November 1996 it was, when my parents held me in their hands. To everybody’s amusement, it seemed like an alien had popped out of a human woman’s womb. They said that the child had congenital finger and toe deformities. With just 7 fingers and 6 toes, how would the child survive in such a competitive world where your race starts as soon as you get out of your cozy beds. Some people had already started their bullshit predictions whether the moon was misaligned (Oh man, NASA should really hire these ingenious fools) during my birth or whether my mother had done some bad karma before I was born. It’s always the woman who is targeted, right? But, in all of these dramatic scenes, my parents went from shedding tears to building a TEAM. My Mom and Dad looked into my glittery eyes and said that no matter how the suspicious world would look at me, they would be by my side and give me the confidence to represent myself as a ‘normal’ human rather than begging for sympathy. And I tell you, it takes a lot of guts as a parent to talk something like this.


Birth photo
Looking very excited!! Maybe for Avengers Infinity War, haha….


                                  Questions began to rise such as would I ever be able to walk, would I ever be able to write, would I get admitted to a normal school and many other things. Maybe, I took this too seriously and began to kick footballs prior to walking!! My mom tried her best to give a pencil in my right hand, but I began scribbling with my left hand. We lefties are the best!! 20 days after my birth, I met the people whom I respect the most in this world, my orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Ashok Johari and Dr. Aditya Kaushik. Until now, I have been operated about 8 times under them. They have been my sculptor and designer and I owe a lot to them. Surgeries such as bone lengthening and other related operation stuff began when I was just an year old. The latest surgery of mine was the bone lengthening which took place during my 8th grade. I had splinters on my finger and I literally looked into the mirror assuming myself as the Wolverine.

Metal splinters which I assumed as the new ‘COOL’

Also, I used to go to school with plaster and splinters all over my hands and legs. Regarding school, I believe that I am very lucky to be a part of Dr. Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya. My special thanks to Tanvi Ma’am, Manisha Ma’am, Sulekha Ma’am, Sonali Ma’am and other prestigious teachers. Right from nursery to 10th grade, they have always been very supportive and the thing I like about that school is the culture and ethics that they inculcate in children which is missing in most of the kids I see nowadays. I was good in academics with a special interest in English, Science and Mathematics. My mother being an expert in teaching English grammar, I used to always top that subject. During vacations, I never used to sit at home, rather, my parents had me enrolled in various extra-curricular and creative activities such as painting courses, theatre workshops, dance classes (You wouldn’t believe now looking at my size, but I am a pretty good dancer), computer technology learning and many more.

Fancy dress competition as Lord Hanuman. Nailed it!!

I have also written a lot of poems during my schooling days and I hope to resume it someday. They got me an electronic basic keyboard when I was in 5th grade and there started my musical journey. And for promotions, please subscribe to my YouTube Music channel. I had two years of basic Hindustani Classical music lectures taught by Mr. Bhavesh Jani. He really found out a way how I could play a full piano inspite of lacking 3 fingers. Scoring a 90% in the SSC exams (10th grade) was a huge deal during that time and I scored a mere 82% which isn’t bad right, considering the average engineering marks nowadays!! Due to external pressure and academic atmosphere, me and parents were a little sad but it gradually faded away. My mom always used to think that me being good in English literature, I would take Arts as a career. But me being me, I thought how about pursuing Science and also combining my love for literature. Hence, I took Science and made it to a decent engineering college.

            During this whole course, I was inclined towards the magical world of spirituality and entered The Art of Living founded by my Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. ‘The real secret of our life is nothing but our own breath’, this was brilliantly explained by my teacher, Mr. Virat Chirania. This really helped me during my tough academic years as a student and is also helping me now as I’m about to finish my graduation. Right now, I’m an average student but I can proudly admit that I’m an all-rounder. From the experience of all my life events, I’ve acquired the courage to do something different in life and I will always continue to use the combination of technology, arts and spirituality as all of them go hand in hand. People have always underestimated my mother as she’s a homemaker. But, I’m everything because of her. I close my eyes and can say that she and my father are always there for me. They have sacrificed a lot in life, but, when challenges arise, we face it together.


                This is my first serious blog post and I thought of introducing myself first and then begin a series of blogs. I hope that you all get inspired by my life. Nonsense!! I have had this attitude of always admiring great people, but not following their footsteps. We all should draft our life the way we want and not by getting emotional or inspired by idols, c’mon, this is not a movie like The Pursuit Of Happyness!! The decision of career and marriage has to be taken only by us and not even our parents, forget outsiders. But, suggestions should always be appreciated. Just like a computer, settings have been made by default that one should complete his career by 23, get married by 28, have kids by 30 and that whole damn reboot process starts whole over again. I’m talking in context of men, but it’s even worst for women. Don’t you wanna break this trend? Enjoy your lives, learn knowledge to the infinity, make good money and maintain all your relations, that’s it!! I see people dropping their dreams in the trash and leading the same robotic life. This doesn’t give you any positive chances. But if you take some risk, at least there’ll be 2 chances : either a ‘successful’ one or ‘try it again’ one. See, the score is 1-2 !!

Me, in my world

Hope my blogs can instill some amount of education in one’s mind. Writing gives me the power to talk even about the darkest untouched places. Normally, I hesitate to give suggestions or to even correct one’s mistake. That’s not the right thing. Being frank about opinions is the need of the hour. Do checkout my upcoming blogs. They will be purely holistic covering all topics such as technology, movies, food, culture, India etc.

Thank you for reading!!